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FOOT MASSAGER - 7.5 X 17.5 CM: The Foot Massager relieves stiffened muscles and tissues in hands, arms, legs & feet. It stimulates & soothes any sore or tired muscle when you roll it under your feet. A great choice to relieve Plantar Fasciitis, its small size makes it easy to carry and to use it anywhere, anytime. The unique pressure points and arc design of the massage roller can greatly relieve muscle pain.AB WHEEL: Maji Sports Ab Wheel acts as your personal fitness trainer - helping you to build stronger and bigger six pack abs, burn calories, build muscle and improve your overall endurance. We ensure full customer support and provide well researched and tested instruction manuals. Follow the correct form & ab workout routine provided with this Ab Wheel saving a lot of money on online memberships and personal training. Light weight and specially designed portable size make this product a very convenient choice for storage & to move around with.SLIDING CORE EXERCISE DISCS: Maji Sports Sliding Core Exercise Discs can broaden your range of exercises while reducing your risk of injury. Perfect for core toning exercises. The smooth, shiny side works on carpet and the soft side works on hardwood or tile floors. Maji Sports Sliding Core Exercise Discs engage your core muscles while introducing a balance challenge. The long movements are also a good way to increase flexibility. MINI MASSAGE STICK: Increases blood flow to hurting and sore muscles in calves, quads, hams & thighs. Reduces lactic acid & improves sports performance. Reduces muscle knots & trigger points. Accelerates muscle recovery and improves strength & flexibility to muscles and joints.

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